Elizabeth II gave up his crown

Елизавета II отказалась от своей короны
Sign of Imperial power is too heavy for a 91-year-old Queen.

Elizabeth II


Although Elizabeth II, which is little more than a week ago
celebrated his 91st birthday, still performs many of his Royal
duties, she is still forced to reckon with their age. This year, in
first time in her reign, Elizabeth will appear on one of the most important
ceremonies years without her crown!

According to the newspaper People, we are talking about the annual solemn ceremony of the opening
Parliament, which will take place on June 19. On this day, as announced,
Elizabeth will appear before the public without the Imperial Crown without their traditional
ceremonial vestments. Her 95-year-old husband Prince Philip will also be in “plain clothes” — that is, in a frock coat. As for the crowns and other Royal symbols
power, they still appear at the ceremony — they will bear behind the Queen
on a special velvet pad.

This decision was taken due to the severity of the crown is
the building, decorated with many precious stones (diamonds alone
in the crown for more than 300 carats), very “weighty”. It is almost one and a half
pounds! And although Elizabeth looks for his venerable age,
satisfied cheerful, and even, from time to time, doing the horseback riding on your
favourite pony, crown, and other attributes of Royal power was already
too heavy. For the same reason it was announced about the cancellation of another
the ceremony, which is traditionally held every year on the same day — the parade of the knights
order Order
of the Garter, which Elizabeth is also followed
to March in ceremonial costume …

Incidentally, in the winter — in December of 2016 — Elizabeth seriously
ill. She contracted flu, which
she was leaking very heavily. She could not recover from the illness, and even
was forced to miss because of its health gala dinner and
Christmas service in the Church.