Елизавета II добралась  до вокзала на метро!
The Queen has already gone to celebrate Christmas.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip


Yesterday, the passengers of the London underground had a rare opportunity to admire
his monachino, simply exit out of the subway car. 91-year-old Elizabeth, along with his
96-year-old husband the Duke of Edinburgh, have used via “subway” to
to reach the station of king’s Cross. From here it starts every year
your journey to the estate of Sandringham located in Norfolk below
to be here, by long tradition, the Christmas and New year.

The Queen always gets to his estates, certainly on the train, though
not in General, but specifically dedicated to
her and her husband’s car. Almost the only exception to the rule was
last year when Elizabeth and her husband got the flu.
They moved it so hard that the celebration of the Royal Christmas
under threat of cancellation. But, ultimately, the Queen and her husband still got to
Sandringham, though not on the train — they were taken there by helicopter.

The Queen always arrives in Sandyridge in advance to witness all
ready – on the part of decorating the house for
Christmas and to welcome guests who come here only on Christmas eve. Incidentally, in
this year it will bring together more relatives of the Queen, than last year. After all
in December 2016, Prince William and his wife Catherine and their children stayed in it
time in the home of Michael and Carol Pope and
moms Duchess. And this year, the Prince and the children and wife, which bears
her third child, will come to Sandringham.

In addition, there is expected to this Christmas one visitor, who never
here before been. We are talking about Meghan Markle, recently became the bride of Prince
Harry. Many still can’t believe that Elizabeth actually
invited Megan to spend Christmas with her family. After all, according to tradition, in Sandringham
before it was allowed to come not friends and not even the bride, and only the law
the spouses of relatives of the Queen. For example, Duchess Catherine for the first time
was honored to be invited here
only after married to William. But they say, Megan did
like the Queen that for her she decided to retreat from their own rules.