Elizabeth II and her family dressed up in funny costumes

Елизавету II и ее семейство нарядили в забавные костюмы
For the Royal dogs ordered special outfits.

The British Royal family

Photo: madametussauds.com

This year everyone
can close to admire the British Royal family,
dressed in Christmas clothes. Elizabeth herself, her husband, Prince Charles wife
Camilla, Prince William with the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry will appear before
the audience in funny sweaters with a Christmas theme. True to meet
members of the Royal family is not in the Palace, and Madame Tussaud’s

The fact that this year
the Museum decided to conduct an original fundraiser. With the personal approval
Queen, wax statues of all the members of the Royal family, it was decided
dressed in clothes decorated in the style of the approaching Christmas.
Interestingly, the figures of Kate and William dressed up in a spacious red-and-blue sweater with a hint of nerazluchno married
pair. Harry got a green outfit with a pattern of a cheerful penguin – as seen in honor
expedition to the South pole, where
took part the younger brother of William. Do not forget even about Corgi — the favourite dogs of the Queen: for them, too
built sweater. The Elizabeth received an outfit featuring one of her
caudate lovers — in crown, famously
shifted askew.

To enjoy this fun
the spectacle will be in the month of December. I hope the organizers of this action,
this masquerade will attract Museum visitors. Besides, with any
of the members of the Royal family — or all at once — you can take a picture for
a separate fee. And all the money will be donated to Save the Children
raise funds for the education and treatment of children from
needy families in poor countries.