Elizabeth Hurley was embarrassing in the presence of members of the Royal family

Элизабет Херли оконфузилась в присутствии членов королевского семейства
The actress was reluctant prodemonstrirovala all its not too sexy lingerie.

Elizabeth Hurley


Elizabeth Hurley spoke about the unfortunate case,
happened with her on the set of the TV series “the Members of the Royal family”. “I
it was so embarrassing! After the incident, I’m never going to wear dresses at
long zipper!” — admitted Hurley.

“The day we filmed another episode of our show.
I was wearing a nice tight dress with long zipper on back. And here
at some point, I suddenly felt like lightning went. It happened
so suddenly that I didn’t have time to hold my dress, and it almost
left me on the floor. It was just awful… besides, that day I
as for evil, certainly not wearing the best linen, and it was
put on display! I just almost burned with shame. From that day on I vowed never
to wear the outfits of this style!” — said 51-year-old Hurley.

However, this disappointment quickly forgotten. Have
of the series in which Hurley plays Queen Helena, a fairly high ratings, and
it, apparently, will be extended for a fourth season. Also, recently, Liz has another reason for good
mood. The fact that her 14 – year-old son Damian (from longtime boyfriend Liz — millionaire Stephen Bing) was held recently
acting debut. He starred in “the Members of the Royal family” in the role of young
Prince of Liechtenstein. Liz and colleagues have unanimously recognized the debut of her son
extremely successful. “I’m so proud of how beautiful and talented my son
rose!” — said the actress to the success of Damian.