Элизабет Херли рассказал о чуде, спасшем близкого ей человека
The actress is looking for unknown, wounding her nephew.

Elizabeth Hurley’s nephew

Photo: @elizabethhurley1 Instagram Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley, who was at one time girlfriend of Hugh Grant, told that it
the family had a little mishap: unknown stabbed her beloved nephew miles
Hurley. The other day he was attacked: miles struck some deep
wounds to the back. Only by incredible luck, the incident is
ended tragically. Hurley invited anyone who could become witnesses, to share available information with law enforcement agencies

As reported, a police spokesman, interviewed witnesses, the attackers were
four. They drove to the scene in the car, and it disappeared
after the attack. Apparently, we are not talking about the robbery. What can
to be connected this attack, could not figure out yet.

“My 21-year-old was attacked
on one of the streets of London. The fact that it was not affected
no vital organs, can be considered a miracle…” — has written 52-year-old Liz
on his page in the social Network. After learning about the incident, it is urgent
order returned to the capital of Britain from a business trip. As told by Hurley,
the family of the victim feared the worst, so when the doctors said that
Miles has a good chance of a full recovery, everything was absolutely

Miles has always supported Elizabeth close relationship, calling it his “favorite
aunt” and publicly thanked for their support and understanding. The young man, the son of the elder sister
Liz, Kate, is considered a rising star of the modeling business. He has a chance to work
with such world-famous fashion houses Roberto Cavalli, Salvatore Ferragamo, Calvin Clain, Dolce &Gabbana…