Elizabeth Hurley shared a Topless photo of yourself

Элизабет Херли поделилась фото топлесс
The actress was bombarded with proposals of marriage.

Элизабет Херли поделилась фото топлесс

Elizabeth Hurley


52-year-old Elizabeth Hurley Elizabeth Hurley told that it had recently received an unexpected
proposal to marry him.

Hurley, who always pleases his fans with
all new pictures, recently shared another photo of the Topless. However,
indeed, Elizabeth showed more than I should. Although she posed for
this frame without blouse and no underwear, but on the shoulders of the actress threw
the shawl, which covered “strategic point” of her Breasts. “Selfie in the bathroom
shawls from Lizzi Robe” — so Hurley has signed this picture.

Curiously, when this photo appeared in
Network, the reaction of the fans was quite unexpected. Liz has received numerous
proposals hands and hearts! The actress, who was married only once,
amused by this turn of events.

Actually, Hurley is not too happy with
in my personal life. Though
Liz, 13 years dated Hugh Grant in 2000, they decided to leave.
Although Liz and Hugh still in touch and have kept the warmest feelings towards each other, to get married and have children they did not dare. Her only marriage with Indian businessman Arun
By Najjar ended in divorce in 2011. less
successful was the affair of the actress with millionaire Stephen Bing, who even
tried to challenge his paternity — in relation to the only child Hurley —
Damian. To convince Bing is Damian — really
his son could only examination of DNA. Ended
collapse and the last date of loud affair with Australian
professional cricketers — Shane Wornom.

So now Liz is comforted by the fact that
continues to act in films and on television and has a son, who is 15 years old. Besides,
she successfully tries his hand as a fashion designer — she has her own line of bathing suits. To
also, she just looks amazing — given the fact that Hurley already has two
years ago, celebrated his 50th birthday.

Elizabeth Hurley with son