Элизабет Херли пострадала от рук грабителей
Western tabloids reported that the mansion of the famous actress Elizabeth Hurley had been infiltrated and stole a lot of jewelry.

Элизабет Херли пострадала от рук грабителей

All this happened after a party organised by the actress. Everyone was asleep, so thieves no one noticed. The alarm was raised after the robbers left the house.

Элизабет Херли пострадала от рук грабителей

“Now she has surveillance cameras, sensors and security post. Now this place is like Fort Knox. Gate before entering the grounds of the mansion always locked. The police believe that the objective was not Liz and her family. Robbers just aimed at a large country house. But Liz is still concerned that during a robbery at home was her son. After the incident with my nephew she is particularly worried about Damian,” said the insider.

As it turned out, the robbers broke into the house through an open window on the second floor. Yet to catch the thieves failed.

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