Elizabeth Hurley daily talks with Hugh Grant

Элизабет Херли ежедневно общается с Хью Грантом

They have long split up but remain best friends. Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant was one of the most beautiful Hollywood couples, and even many years later, they communicate daily. This was told the actress in an interview with Us Weekly Video.

Элизабет Херли ежедневно общается с Хью Грантом
“We met on the film 29 years ago, and he still is my best friend, with whom I communicate every day. And it is definitely one of the best colleague I ever had,” said 51-year-old Elizabeth.
Recall that he met Hurley and Grant in 1988 during the filming of melodramatic Comedy “Notting hill”, then thirteen years met. In 2000, the couple suddenly broke up. Elizabeth began a relationship with Steve Bing, with whom she had son Damian (now the guy fourteen years). The godfather of Hurley’s son is also Hugh Grant, and she, in turn, is godmother to one of his daughters.

Last year, the Grant for the fourth time became a father. The child he gave birth to Swedish TV producer Anna Eberstein, who gave birth very early actor son John. Loving Hugh is also the father of Tabitha, five-year and three-year Felix, who gave birth to the Chinese actress Tinglan Hong.