Elina Mazur commented on the scandal with sex in a massage parlor

Элина Мазур прокомментировала скандал с интимом в массажном салоне The woman met with people who once worked in her company. According to some information, 2016 in the name of Mazur was a registered firm, which documents were to engage in tourism, but in reality its workers provided sexual services.
Элина Мазур прокомментировала скандал с интимом в массажном салоне

On the set of the next episode is “really” were people some years ago who had to do the massage salon on Bashilovskaya street. At this address were registered with the Agency for the provision of tourist and health services. According to the documents they owned Elina Mazur, former representative Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya.

Came to the Studio Natalia Rasulov, who worked in the institution. She told me that she took a job in a massage parlor. However, it later turned out – the employee should also provide sexual services. Many decisions about the work took some Natalia Maleeva.

Rasulov recalled how during the police RAID, the girls ‘ passports were taken away. She stated that she helped to return the documents. According to Rasulova thanks to Elina Mazur, she was able to change the scope of activities. The woman went to work in a taxi. The car was purchased at the expense of the former representative Vitalina.

Элина Мазур прокомментировала скандал с интимом в массажном салоне

A former employee of the salon Anton Kazakevich says that Elina Mazur brought them drugs, which helped therapists to be tougher. The young man was previously convicted of distribution of illegal substances. In the salon, everyone knew him only by name.

Julia koca, which was supposedly familiar with Natalia Rasulova attended the previous program on this topic, but did not reveal his face. Appearing in the Studio, she showed himself and said that he did not know Rasulov. Koca argues that the ex-masseuse completely lying. Was present in the Studio, a girl, named Carina has previously worked in one of the salons. She found out Natalia and said that she really helped the girls passports.

In the second part of the programme Mazur came to the Studio to understand the situation. Former representative Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya announced the dirt on Julia. According to Elina, against koji had previously initiated a criminal case under article “Organization of a brothel”.

“The situation fully came to light in 2012 when I demanded to completely leave this room. So I was not engaged in this business, I did not know that prostitutes were working there,” said Mazur.

According to Elina, to finally understand the situation she was only in 2016, involving the judicial authorities. “Now I have applied for the closure of salons. Previously could not close” – said Mazur.

It turned out that Elina was guided by the good in a situation with salons. The woman said that saved former prostitute Natalia Maleeva bought it. She supported the girl and found work in the salon. “To me she turned, the situation was difficult. She was seriously ill father, the apartment was in pledge,” said Elina.

Former representative Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya answered the experts ‘ questions. Mazur lied that initially was not aware of the employees providing sexual services. “Some already know” – said Mazur.

According to Roman Ustyuzhanin, Elina had to do with the functionality of the salons. At the end of transmission to the woman flared up and refused to answer other questions, left the Studio.