Elina Kamiren: “Zadoinov is covered by a charity to avoid paying taxes”

Элина Камирен: «Задойнов прикрывается благотворительностью, чтобы не платить налоги» The former participant “Houses-2” revealed the scandalous facts of the life ex-lover. Elina Kamiren said that Alexander uses they organized a Fund for their own enrichment. Thus the man does not pay child support of his daughter.

Alexander and Elina Zadoinov Kamiren was considered to be one of the brightest pairs of the project “Dom-2”. The lovers had been Dating for a few months, and soon decided to become parents. However, their relationship did not stand the test of time, so a few weeks after the birth of little Sasha, the ex-participants of the show decided to leave.

Now they share only mutual claims to each other. So, Elina was repeatedly told that Alexander refuses to pay child support. Moreover, the man has not seen the daughter for more than three months.

Zadoinov recently commented on the problem. He noted that because of the obstacles imposed by former lover, he can’t get to chat with the heiress. However Kamiren strongly disagree with this point of view. She said “StarHit” how actually is the situation.

“He never called us until the day of her birth somewhere from September to December. Then he reached out, and when I asked where he had gone, Sasha replied that he did not have time. Of course, to go live with fans almost every day he can, and to communicate with the child – no,” – said Elina.

A young woman now intends to resolve the issue of alimony through the courts. She insists that the officers had considered the legality of the work of the charity Fund, which is actively cooperating Alexander. According to Elina, the organization used her ex-lover for personal gain.

“He speculates on the children in the orphanage. I went with him to the orphanages, I thought that we really help, and then realized that the Fund is used for the device of his own well-being. All it takes to avoid paying taxes, benefits some receive. How can a man that does not pay alimony to her child, to do charity work? I don’t understand this”, – shared his thoughts Kamiren.

Please specify what Alexander now happy in a new relationship, but Elina prefers not to advertise personal life. In his Instagram, the young woman regularly shows off expensive gifts, so fans are sure that she is not alone.

According to Kamiran, her former choice is either to pay alimony and take care of the child or relinquish parental rights. The young woman admits that her daughter has long does not ask about dad. However, the baby surrounded by caring family and bathed in their love.