Элина Камирен легла под нож пластического хирурга
The former participant of the TV project “Dom-2” Elina Kamiren again decided to enlist the help of a plastic surgeon.

Элина Камирен легла под нож пластического хирурга

Elina recently shocked its subscribers, saying that she did rhinoplasty, that is, changed the shape of the nose. She admits that for many years I dreamed about it, but haven’t been able to decide, and now she was able to trust your appearance to Tigran Aleksanyan.

“I’m not one of those women that beat their chest that naturalness is good or not. Is the choice of everyone. I agree with cher: “I look in the mirror, and if I don’t like something, go and fix it”. A lot of opinions on this matter. Now I’m in rehab and I will write more, will show up late. By the way, many of my spouts and silent, although it seems to me that sharing, I will help many people to avoid problems and to get into good hands”, – wrote in his microblog Kamiren.

It should be noted that this is not the first plastic Elina, before that she did a plastic surgery on his chest. The main thing – time to stop.

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