Elina Kamiren was the victim of a domestic tyrant

Элина Камирен стала жертвой домашнего тирана The star of “House-2” raised the important issue regarding serious relationship. Elina Kamiren admitted that many fans are very curious about the unstable behavior of the partner. It turned out that she herself has personal examples.
Элина Камирен стала жертвой домашнего тирана

Elina Kamiren more than six months tells podeschi a private channel, “notes of the hunter” how to get a solid and successful man. In addition, it tries to dilute the videos and helpful tips, stories from my own experience and verified facts. So, in another video, a young mother decided to open the viewers eyes to the male tyranny.

“Unfortunately, I came across such men. They are very difficult to recognize. Until, until you fell for him, he can play adequate man, quite calm. Such people when friends are cheerful, gregarious, and monster houses. Often it people are notorious, but when you become friends, they begin to assert themselves at your expense,” said the brunette.

Kamiren convinced that the domestic tyrant can be determined by many factors. Leading believes that even behind the mask of a proper and well-mannered young man a smart girl will always be able to see the true face of the interlocutor. In her opinion, the tyrants can never be happy for the success of the “second half”.

“He tries to repress, tries to speak, saying, not so you good, darling. Says: “Who are you, besides me, is it? I’m so cool, and you do nothing.” And such men, by the way, very jealous of all your wins. With such a character, as I have, in such situations, conflicts, scandals, fights and it is natural – you defend your place”, – confessed Elina.

To stay in the relationship with domestic tyrants Cameren is not advised, even if ispitati strong feelings. Celebrity says that to evaluate a potential husband only by their actions. Elina also urged the podeschi not afford to lower their self-esteem in any unpleasant situation to be able to fight back.

“As soon as you feel some pressure send away. It’s not normal. Then you will be with a wounded psyche and a mass of complexes, which you were not. Everything you do well, you just need a man who will love you, appreciate and adore. And men-tyrants can be very addicted to alcohol, gambling, drugs. Fall in love need to men who deserve it,” advises leader.