Elina Kamiren wants to move to a country house

Элина Камирен хочет переехать в загородный дом
Former member of the famous electroni “Dom-2” Elina Kamiren told the fans that he wants to leave Moscow.

Элина Камирен хочет переехать в загородный дом

In recognition of the stars, she wants to settle in the suburbs.

Elina noticed that it will move only for the summer, renting a vacation home.

The girl published a picture of a mansion, writing that she is not yet the means.

“Today went to watch country house for summer rent. Such beauty, of course, is on the sale. In this village live a little Europe. PS This is just a beautiful house in this village! Very beautiful and very expensive! We are looking for a more modest”, – said Kamiren.

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