Elina Kamiren trying to find wealthy man

Элина Камирен пытается найти состоятельного мужчину
A video recently published by ex-contestant of the famous TV project “Dom-2” Elina Kamiren, caused a lot of noise.

Элина Камирен пытается найти состоятельного мужчину

In the video, the girl told how to catch a billionaire.

Apparently, she has decided not to stop and put another clip with the instructions.

Now Kamiren shares his experience of how to do so in the future not to pay the bill in restaurants.

“What we begin to do so get in the car. Get in the car. And passing through the largest restaurants. Excellent location – Barvikha. Don’t forget: there are also many excellent restaurants. Passing quickly, but it is better in the centre while it is all to do, because in Barvikha will hardly leave you out already will be back,” he told the girl.

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