Elina Kamiren told how to catch a millionaire

Элина Камирен рассказала, как зацепить миллионера The star of the TV project “Dom-2” shares the secrets about how using “Instagram” to get oligarch. Elina Kamiren posted on its YouTube channel videos, where she led a list of rules for good photos in the microblogging real hunters.

      Celebrity believes that beautiful pictures of girls in name brand clothes amid luxury cars and five-star hotel can in a jiffy to lure wealthy suitors. And by beauties not necessarily have all the above benefits – enough to create a semblance of a comfortable life. Especially for their followers Elina described in detail some proven techniques by which any will look in your account on million. For example, she told how to make spectacular shots in an expensive showroom without any financial investment.

      “Come you, then, in any boutique good. And it is better if you come there with a friend – it’s all perfect. And what happens? You have to measure shoes, photographing them can be put next to the bag. The main thing is to sit with a view of “girls, I have it all, you know?”. And photographed as possible. And it is better that you friend was taking pictures because photo “phone in the mirror” is no surprise. It is better that in the moment you photographed as you have to measure as I go,” giving instruction to the blogger.

      Also ex-member of the famous electroni shared the lifehacks on how to travel lying on the couch, wearing only branded clothes and to pose with the cars of premium class. So, according to Kamiran from any trip abroad needs to bring the stock frame for a few months in advance, and the clothes can be rented in stores. With a car even easier: expensive cars always parked next to luxury hotels. The brunette is sure that these tips will not only attract the Prince in a Rolls-Royce, but also from time to materialize all the fictional benefits, in reality.

      “Of course, “Instagram” do not look the oligarchs. He nafig not needed. First, they have no time, interest, and other things. This is such an advertising platform for you. Each oligarch, there are managers, assistants and so on. There are organizers of events, parties all different abroad. Naturally, when your account stylish, expensive, fashion, sexy, that you pay attention to all these people who are beginning to call you, to invite to the shooting, at events. This gives you to do such a startup in the life.”

      Among other things, the girl strongly recommends to always carry a few spare bows and not to go without a girlfriend. So for one more walk near a fancy restaurant you can stock up on a dozen shots, according to Elina.