Elina Kamiren told about the expensive gifts from the suitors

Элина Камирен поведала о дорогих подарках от ухажеров
Some time ago the ex-participant reality show “House-2” Elina Kamiren decided to share with her fans tips on how to win a wealthy man.

Элина Камирен поведала о дорогих подарках от ухажеров

New video girl dedicated to communication with the opposite sex.

Elina believes that it is necessary to be nice with others your man people.

According to Kamiran, expensive gifts are not binding, so they can safely take from the second half.

“Girls always make friends with security and assistants chosen. Because if you start dicking around, such as “open the door” or “bring my bag”, then of course they’ll all do it. But believe me, when your standing next to the man is unstable, they will play their part. Because of their relationship with the boss built over the years, and yours has just begun”, – said the celebrity.

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