Elina Kamiren told about the connection with mafia

Элина Камирен поведала о связи с мафиози
Some time ago, a former participant of the TV project “Dom-2” Elina Kamiren began to teach girls how to find itself oligarch.

Элина Камирен поведала о связи с мафиози

In the last video the star told who she means by “oligarch”.

It turned out that she shares the wealthy men into several types: wise men, officials, athletes and the mafia. With a crime boss she’s had to have as case.

Kamiren tried to tell you about each category of the representatives of the stronger sex.

“This is, in fact, people who own some resources. It is, as a rule, already wealthy men. Usually, adult men, because in order to have it, even if you had inherited, you should be able to manage it. For this you need experience – sorry, but not this way. This, of course, very smart people. If they allow you, as you think them to dissolve in the mire, believe me, they allow you to do so,” says the girl.

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