Элина Камирен: «Дочь не сразу обняла отца» Ex-participants of the reality show set up a meeting. Alexander Zadoinov came to visit the successor of Sasha. According to Elina, they had a great time. Model wants ex-husband regularly paid attention to the child.
Элина Камирен: «Дочь не сразу обняла отца»

Ex-participant of “House-2” Elina Kamiren reconciled with Zagajnovym. On the eve it became known that the ex-husband came to visit them. Over a long period of time the man is not spoiled heiress Sasha frequent visits. According to the model, the alimony-do the judiciary.

Элина Камирен: «Дочь не сразу обняла отца»“Sasha came and brought gifts: a lot of clothes, toys. Already there were moments when he visited his daughter and then disappeared for a long time. I wish Sasha was the father, not nominally, but came. We went to walk and he followed all my guidelines that relate to their relationship with my daughter. For example, it is necessary not only to indulge and to fool around, but to educate a girl, explain to her that right,” Elina shared with “StarHit”.

Kamiren claims that it is non-confrontational person, so wants to resolve all issues with Zagajnovym peacefully. According to star telestroke, she envies him. Daughter pair is not immediately realized, when Sasha came in, it was her father.

“There was a time when she didn’t understand at first what was going on. Then I said, “dad.” Then Sasha began to hug and kiss him,” shared Kamiren.

According to the woman, at one of the events Sasha pointed to her friend and also tried to call him dad. Therefore, Elina believes that the meeting between father and daughter should take place more often.

“We’ll see how everything goes. He comes for a few days, then realizes, how much money to spend on one weekend, and he was in shock. I’m not calling him, not talking. I hope that Sasha will grow up,” admitted Kamiren.

According to Elina, is that Alexander could not arrange a personal life. According to the model, due to the fact that he’s still finding himself.

Kamiren added that he had been through before meeting with Zagajnovym, as it is not passed before the end of the bruising and swelling after rhinoplasty. A young woman recently decided to change the shape of the nose to the profile looked perfect. Elina Kamiren rhinoplasty

“Sasha is a sensitive person, so nothing really said about it. He supported: “do Not worry, all right,” said Elina.