Elina Kamiren talked about pregnancy from an oligarch

Элина Камирен заговорила о беременности от олигарха The star of “House-2” teaches fans to arrange a personal life. Elina Kamiren continues to make a blog “notes of the hunter”, which shares with the viewers own experience and knowledge about how to get rich boyfriend.

In the previous series of video tutorials ex-member of the main telestroke Elina Kamiren already told you where to meet and how to seduce a millionaire than dangerous liaisons with criminals, and why are men not allowed to give gifts. This model told about how to get pregnant from the oligarch, and whether to do it. The presenter believes that many women mistakenly believe posh life after birth from a businessman, and encourages them to be serious about the issue of children.

“He can say, “Go have an abortion”. May say: “give Birth, I’ll help.” In any case, what the man says and does is a different story. You tell him no – we’re not talking about his wife,” – said Kamiren.

Elina said, that does not deny the possible advantages of such a pregnancy, but at the same time, wants to warn the girls about all the negative sides of this idea. In addition, the presenter considers the manipulation of man is a waste of time and effort. In her opinion, most millionaires are not driving their favorite in the registry office even when it will be in an interesting position. Elina Kamiren told how to catch a millionaire

“If you aim to catch these, you have to keep near or to motivate him to to marry you, it is sheer nonsense! Do not listen to anyone who says that! It works in a few cases. Here you are at the map put a lot. If you have a child as a tool in order to marry a man, you are very crafty and cruel woman”, shares his thoughts Elina.

It should be noted that Kamiren fears of these stories for another reason. Brunette thinks that wealthy men can not just abandon the child, leaving the girl alone in the hands of the child, but also to pick up the newborn depriving young mother of the heir. Also the star of “House-2” said that after the appearance of the baby born, the woman would forever be dependent on his father. Model advance warning fans that in case of pregnancy they should be ready to any reaction of his men, but to hide the interesting position of it not recommend. Elina believes such behavior is unfair, because the father has the right to raise a child as well as mother.

Recall that she Kamiren together with former lover Alexander by Zagajnovym raising a two year old daughter Sasha. Earlier, the brunette already talked about that didn’t expect anything from a persistent boyfriend and just enjoying the mutual feelings. According to celebrity, she was on seventh heaven after learning what will happen to the heiress. Elina Kamiren for the first time about breaking up with someone, “He just left”