Elina Kamiren spoke about “ugly women” of the oligarchs

Элина Камирен высказалась о «некрасивых женах» олигархов Ex-participant of “House-2” told about a new way of seducing men. Elina Kamiren sure that rich men don’t like young girls. In another video she said she can now impress a wealthy suitor.

Elina Kamiren recently is searching. It teaches young followers the rules of hunting for wealthy suitors. In their commercials, the brunette has managed to share many useful secrets. But the star does not stop and continues to try yourself in the role of a mentor. So, on the eve beauty recorded another appeal, in which he expressed his thoughts about the marriage.

It turned out that Elina, like many other women, is haunted by the news about the new President of France – Emanuele macron. 39-year-old man recently took the position of head of state, however, has become a popular subject of discussion. One of the burning topics related to politics, was his marriage to 64-year-old Brigitte.

In the new issue Kamiren expressed indignation that a relatively young President is married to a woman much older than himself. She said that their love story began when the Makron was in high school. But a leading blog noticed that despite the age difference, this family is really strong and rests on sincere feelings. According to Elina, it is now a major trend: affluent men prefer to choose young models with perfect bodies, and spiritually rich girls. Family the new President of France: misalliance, a secret love and seven grandchildren

Former member of telestroke sure that the educated and wealthy a woman is always in a more advantageous situation. In addition, hunter oligarch must have high moral principles and to be able to take care of themselves.

“Girls, any man next to the right person. You remember, it was the fashion for models? Men without exception married, changing them as gloves. But now young people prefer to choose a reliable partner in the person of his wife. That is, love changing. And when the Foundation of a relationship is friendship and mutual respect is very important. It is much stronger than emotions because they are fleeting and quickly come to an end,” says Elina.

Also, the woman noticed another detail on modern relationships. It turned out that now the oligarchs are more demanding of the chosen ones. They are already attractive enough faces or elegant forms. They try to select a talented and intelligent companions. Besides, the man it is important to speak with his wife on various topics. Kamiren said that the lady also you must be able to provide for themselves.

“It is also very important: today you can marry a rich man and tomorrow he will lose everything. You should look also something to imagine. Of course, if you are looking for in marriage only money, you’ll find them. But it will be a short story,” – said the blogger.