Elina, Kamiren spoke about the changes in his personal life

Элина Камирен заговорила о переменах в личной жизни Ex-participant of “House-2” has declared that will not tell the father his daughter new novel. If the young mother have another man, she will not discuss this with Alexander Zadoinov.

      Элина Камирен заговорила о переменах в личной жизни

      Elina, Kamiren told the truth about a new relationship after breaking up with Alexander Zadoinov. The participants of the TV project “Dom-2” on TNT left the show in December 2015, but their life together did not work out. The young couple was forced to go on separate ways. At the moment Elina, Kamiren is a successful businesswoman, owner of a travel Agency, jewelry store and of a glossy magazine. There are many rumours about the personal life of 32-year-old ex-participant of “House-2”, and recently Kamiren decided to dispel them once and for all. She admitted that she has not yet started a new relationship and also shared his views on the personal life of a former lover. She still communicates with him, but not as his mate and as a friend.

      Elina kamiren the first time about breaking up with someone: “He just left”

      “I want to note that Sasha didn’t abandon the family. We are constantly in communication, he is interested in the Affairs of the daughter, I regularly send him photos of Alexandra… Personal life each other we don’t discuss. However, I don’t think Alexander has someone there, he switches to a new relationship. And I at all so far except for the search of the second half, because the pause between novels, I have always lasted at least a year”, said Kamiren journalists.

      Элина Камирен заговорила о переменах в личной жизни

      Kamiren also told what role in their fate played the TV project “Dom-2”. According to Elina, even while participating in the reality she knew that in the future is unlikely to be with Zagajnovym. They were connected only by joint participation in transmission. Kamiren also reiterated the fact that Alexander didn’t throw her, and their parting was peaceful shape — no tears, showdown and tantrums.

      In addition, Elina has shared what will be really glad for Alexander Zadoinov if he finds love where he is most comfortable — on the transfer of “Dom-2”. According to Kamiran, the father of her daughter could easily return to the project, to finally build a real relationship with a new lady.

      “By the way, it is possible that after some time Sasha will again become a participant of “House-2″. And there is nothing wrong, he gets really comfortable, but if Zadoinov will find a new love, I’ll be happy for him,” said Camerin the magazine “the House-2”.

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