Elina, Kamiren showed the rented apartment where he lives with his daughter

Элина Камирен показала съемную квартиру, где живет с дочерью Star “Houses-2” has shown the environment in which it inhabits with his beloved heiress. Elina, Kamiren chose a house in the center of Moscow thus to consider all aspects associated with growing up as a little girl, and with his regular employment.

      Элина Камирен показала съемную квартиру, где живет с дочерью

      In the beginning of the year, Kamiren Elina and Alexander Zadoinov reported that after the departure from the site of “House-2” plan to look for a good accommodation in the capital. The young family was considered the very centre of the city, because both are very busy with the Affairs, and important was the ability to quickly reach anywhere in white stone.

      Suitable option, Elina and Alexander found, however soon decided to leave. Now in a luxury apartment house situated on the embankment of Taras Shevchenko, Kamiren lives only with her daughter. Quite often you can also catch her mom Helen and the nanny who helps with the baby Sasha.

      Zadoinov doubted his fatherhood and insists on a DNA test

      Initially, the participants “Houses-2” were chosen such apartments, which would accommodate a large number of things to select the working area, a bedroom and a place to play his little daughter. Actually, all the wishes of the family and were taken into account.

      Элина Камирен показала съемную квартиру, где живет с дочерью

      Leaving from former lover and heiress, Zadoinov left almost all their belongings. Probably in the near future, Elina will give them to him and will be able to consider how another is to use the space. “His clothes are still hanging in my closet. He took something for an apartment in Yaroslavl: mirror, TV, multi cooker – there is absolutely nothing, – shared her celebrity with “StarHit”. – I even once told him: “Take at least some clothes– it’s funny, in the photo in social networks constantly in one and the same”. Kind of took the pants and a few sweaters.

      Recall that a month ago the ex-contestant of reality show has given a Frank interview about the breakup with the father of her child. She told about how actually contacted their relationships with Zagajnovym why they are unable to get along and how she found out about his plans to leave the family. Elina, Kamiren for the first time about breaking up with someone: “He just left”

      Now a young mother and her daughter quite comfortably. Baby likes to lie in the living room, which often plays, and in the bedroom, where she loves to preen, watching the parent.

      Элина Камирен показала съемную квартиру, где живет с дочерью

      Bathroom in the apartment, chosen Elina, spacious enough. It is here that the on-air talent take care of themselves, preparing for responsible shots and appearances. Meanwhile, the girl Sasha happily exploring the space – baby loves to observe the working washing machine to recalculate the mother’s means to care for skin and help her in training camp. In short, Elina and Alexandra are having fun together, and they are happy to spend a cozy evening in the new apartment.

      By the way, for a safe place, Kamiren gives 85 thousand rubles per month. Ex-participant reality show has repeatedly argued that the comfort for her above all else, and because she is ready to work round the clock to her and her daughter was to taste the environment in which they live.

      Элина Камирен показала съемную квартиру, где живет с дочерью
      Элина Камирен показала съемную квартиру, где живет с дочерью

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