Elina Kamiren share the secret of how to get tycoon

Элина Камирен поделилась секретом, как заполучить олигарха
According to the former participants of the TV project “Dom-2” Elina Kamiren, any girl can attract a billionaire, if she will look luxurious.

Элина Камирен поделилась секретом, как заполучить олигарха

For this we need to create the appearance of luxury living, make the appropriate pictures and put them in his microblog.

And not necessarily in reality all possess it, you can just take pictures in an expensive showroom.

“Come you, then, in any boutique good. And it is better if you come there with a friend – it’s all perfect. And what happens? You have to measure shoes, photographing them can be put next to the bag. The main thing is to sit with a view of “girls, I have it all, you know?”. And photographed as possible. And it is better that you friend was taking pictures because photo “phone in the mirror” is no surprise. It is better that in the moment you photographed as you have to measure as I go,” he told the star.

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