Elina, Kamiren selling their own things

Элина Камирен распродает собственные вещи Clothes ex-participant of “House-2” you can buy with 70% discount. Elina, Kamiren intends to get rid of her wardrobe, which she has left unattended. Many things star of reality show bought for huge money, and now expects to part with them.

      Элина Камирен распродает собственные вещи

      That former member of telestroyki Elina, Kamiren going to part with part of his luxurious wardrobe, she has declared in the microblog. “Have already collected boxes for liquidation – wrote a media personality. – I think it’s time to give global a sale…” At the same time, she recognizes that some of the things will be given it for free.

      “I every two years unload the cabinets – says the girl “StarHit”. – Something to give her friends something – the nanny and the housekeeper, some things in his native Tyumen sent… But very expensive things to give me, frankly, pathetic. But not get rid of them. First, after childbirth my foot grew a size larger. It’s terrible, considering that, being pregnant, I only did that he had asked his friends to bring me beautiful shoes and boots from Paris and Milan! Now they are – some new, others once walked. And the prices are such that you won’t get from 40 to 100 thousand rubles!”

      This situation has pushed Kamiren to create a sort of flea market in Instagram, which will be sold her clothes and shoes. “The prices are divine, says Elina. For example, if you bought shoes Yves Saint Laurent for 47 thousand rubles, and wore it once, I’ll give them only 20 thousand rubles. I’m also willing to part with one of the favorite items in your wardrobe, which generally never wore. This stunning pale blue boots made of genuine suede, to me the order was rejected in Dubai. But due to the fact that I have very thin ankles and the feet are rather large, 40-Oh, those boots look weird on me… They are brand new and cost me 37 thousand. I’m ready to part with them for 22 thousand”.

      Also on sale Elina her fans will be able to purchase things seen on a girl in the air “House-2”. “One of my most beautiful dresses – a wonderful emerald color, made of natural silk length below the knee. I bought it in New Zealand, it cost 240 thousand rubles, now will give 50.” The sale will start in a couple weeks, its starting Elina plans to announce in the microblog.

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