Элина Камирен сделала ринопластику Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has changed the shape of the nose. Says Elina Kamiren, she had long dreamed about this operation, but the doctor believed that she should not resort to such surgery. Now the model is restored after the procedure.
Элина Камирен сделала ринопластику

Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Elina Kamiren have decided to do another plastic surgery. The young woman never afraid to experiment with looks, but to radically change facial features she did not want. Celebrity fans were surprised when she told them that rhinoplasty. According to the model, she dreamed about this surgery for several years, but did not dare to go under the surgeon’s knife as couldn’t find a specialist who would fit her requirements. In the end, the choice fell on Tigran Aleksanyan. In the microblog Elina thanks him for the procedure.

“I’m not one of those women that beat their chest that naturalness is good or not. Is the choice of everyone. I agree with cher: “I look in the mirror, and if I don’t like something, go and fix it”. A lot of opinions on this matter. Now I’m in rehab and I will write more, will show up late. By the way, many of my spouts and silent, although it seems to me that sharing, I will help many people to avoid problems and to get into good hands,” said Kamiran, recommending followers to go to the reception to the specialist.

The plastic surgeon did not want to change the shape of the nose Elina, but then succumbed to her entreaties. Fans of the reality star believe that she will look even more beautiful. “In my opinion the best doctor and the most beautiful noses makes”, “Elina, well done, if you don’t like something, it must be corrected. Most importantly, harmony with itself”, “Now beautiful, beautiful you walk,” wrote the followers of the model.

Recall that the first time she has thought about the plastic in 2015. Even before the birth of daughter Sasha model underwent breast augmentation surgery. Now she maintains a slim figure with the help of sports and special kosmetologicheskikh procedures. Besides, Kamiren that the appearance is also very important that the person in mind and soul. Elina Kamiren explained why the men at her “peck”

“I can honestly say, I’m charismatic. And I always go. I get attention for his jokes. Some points I learned, made notes of it,” said ex-member of telestroke in one of the movies “notes of the hunter”, which she takes off to YouTube.