Elina Kamiren requires “House-2” one and a half million for a private video

Элина Камирен требует с «Дома-2» полтора миллиона за интимное видео Ex-participant reality show is ready to take a statement from the court. However, in this case, the project will have to pay Elina Kamiren financial compensation for moral damages.

      Элина Камирен требует с «Дома-2» полтора миллиона за интимное видео

      Two weeks ago there was a scandal around the ex-participants of the project “Dom-2” Elina Kamiren. In the announcement for the release of the draft she found a private video with her participation, stolen by hackers from the phone. Kamiren filed for the project in court.

      “The management of “House-2” was removed from the broadcast program with these shots, says Cameran. Apparently, conscience, and trials afraid. It would be great if they continue to act in the same spirit and publicly apologize to me. I just want to blame – the management of “House-2” and “Solaris Promo Production”, which produces the project, admitted that the ugly and behaved illegally. I got the idea to invite the producers of the show world and demand financial compensation.”

      The amount for which the 31-year-old Elina ready to withdraw the case on the “House-2” submitted the other day, the girl refused to announce, but her friend Natalia admitted to “StarHit” that to appease Kamiren can and a half million rubles.

      The movie, in which Elina is dancing in front of the mirror completely naked, the hackers got, and open storage “Cloud”.

      “I still can’t get over the shock, – says Elina. – I showered with insults that I was a prostitute, escortsite… And former civilian spouse Sasha Zadoinov stopped to chat – not even congratulated our daughter Sasha with her little date – 1 year and 9 months. Well, the situation will serve as a good lesson for me – life may at any time be made public. And then will turn on you even the closest people…”

      Kamiren admitted that it expects to resolve the issue peacefully, and hopes for understanding on the part of the defendant. For the stars “House-2” incident was a real blow to the reputation. By the way, from conflict situations Kamiren always managed to come out with his head held high. Throughout the year a young mother has been at the centre of various financial scandals caused by fraud and unscrupulous business partners.