Elina, Kamiren prepared a body for summer

Элина Камирен подготовила фигуру к лету The star of “House-2” has published a candid self. On the photo Elina, Kamiren showed great abs and slender legs. Ex-participant reality show looks fit. Fans praised her figure.

      Элина Камирен подготовила фигуру к лету

      Elina, Kamiren decided not to hide his merits. She posted a selfie in a rather open outfit. The participant “Houses-2” were wearing only shorts and a halter top. “Soon the summer”, – has signed a star telestroke candid shot, apparently, giving fans to understand that is already prepared for the beach season.

      It is worth noting that in the photo Elina is really the figure looks very slim. Bare stomach of the ex-contestants of reality show pumped up, and her long legs are even a real decoration of its owner. Many fans Kamiren, praised her trim figure. “Elina is a modern, young, sexy mom! There is not a single gram of vulgarity. Beautiful body! Have something to show,” wrote they. However, there were also those who criticized Elina for excessive openness. “A bit more and get naked completely”, “the Horror, the shorts would be immediately removed”, – said they.

      It is worth noting that, Kamiren lose weight not only through exercise in the gym and a strict diet. Not long ago, the girl experienced severe stress – a separation from a father to his daughter by Alexander Zadoinov. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” have doubted his fatherhood and was forced Elina to take part in a talk show, on which were presented the results of the DNA test. Such suspicion Alexander was the fact that she communicated during that period with a certain influential businessman, from whom she could get pregnant. Of course, the analysis showed that little Sasha is the heir to Zadoinov, but this episode is even more damaged relations between the former civil spouses, the wedding which now cannot go and speeches.

      Zadoinov doubted his fatherhood and insists on a DNA test

      Kamiran, and Zadoinov continue to communicate for the sake of his daughter, but about reconciliation both not think. “I decided for myself: as man and woman we don’t exist – only as friends and parents of a common child. It’s a shame that before Sasha was excited, he wanted to win, did it and lost interest. I have the opposite: to hear about it did not want, and found out that you’re expecting, just went crazy with happiness, crying, realized that madly in love. Back in December we wanted to sign, but even then it was only for the sake of the daughter”, – said Elina Kamiren.

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