Elina Kamiren planning to move to a country house

Элина Камирен планирует переезд в загородный дом The star of “House-2” is looking for a house in the suburbs. Fans of Elina Kamiren are sure that with her determination she could become the mistress of a luxurious home. Participant reality show dreams of a comfortable home the European level.

      One of the most prominent former member “House-2” Elina Kamiren think about how to change a flat in Moscow at the country house.

      A young woman told subscribers microblog that now circles the suburban towns to look for suitable housing. Elina Kamiren said that it intends to take a house for rent for the summer. In Instagram, the star shared a picture attracted to her mansion, noting that while it is a luxury housing can not afford. “Today went to watch country house for summer rent. Such beauty, of course, is on the sale. In this village live a little Europe. PS This is just a beautiful house in this village! Very beautiful and very expensive! We are looking for more modest,” wrote Elina Kamiren in the microblog.

      However, fans of Elina Kamiren are sure that with her determination she could become the mistress of a luxurious home. A mansion – just a matter of time, I think fans of ex-member “House-2”.

      “Class! Elinka, you’re done! Herself, a hard worker”, “Elina, well done! If you have the opportunity, take it off. In the big house, where clean air, everyone wants to live”, “the Class and Sasha will like it. And there – I’ll save up some money, and look to buy a house”, “Elina, do it right. Renting a house for the summer good idea”, “your determination is completely the near future. I think next summer you will spend in their own country house”, – has supported Elina Kamiren subscribers to its microblog.

      Interestingly, in recent months, the celebrity changed abruptly. First, she has chosen another image, from blonde repainted in the searing brunette. And after a trip to the United States have revised and values. The former participant “Houses-2” has decided no longer to expose their personal lives on display and try to keep everything secret for family only. Previously, she said “StarHit” that forced her to re-prioritize. Elina Kamiren life abruptly changed after a trip to USA

      “Frankly, I’m tired of gossip and rumors about me. I don’t know where people take that. Sometimes even interesting to read about what I had no idea… I wanted to get away from everything for a little while. Now for me the priority is my daughter Sasha. About my personal life I will not tell. I absolutely agree with the statement that happiness loves silence. I have so much time parading it around, I have now formed a strong immunity against it. As for Sasha Zadoinov… And I’m not about it to say anything?” – announced his position Elina Kamiren.