Elina Kamiren outraged denunciations of Alexander Zadoinov

Элина Камирен возмущена доносами Александра Задойнова A man owed a large sum of alimony. Recently it became known that Alexander Zadoinov will be prosecuted for evasion from payment of money for the maintenance of two year old daughter Sasha.
Элина Камирен возмущена доносами Александра Задойнова

One of the most striking couples of the reality show “Dom-2” Elina Kamiren and Alexander Zagainov broke up early last year. Fans speculated that the couple will break up after okazhetsya the perimeter of the project. A few months later the man went to his native Yaroslavl, leaving her with a baby. Elina had the most to do business, to bring a little Sasha and to solve everyday problems.

Alexander ordered to pay child support after ex-contestant of reality show turned to the law to protect the rights of his daughter. However, with this came problems – despite the court’s decision where the interests Kamiren defended by the lawyer Sergey Zhorin, a former member of telestroke not committed to provide financial support for his daughter. According to Kamiran, Zadoinov talked about the fact that she doesn’t get a penny from him. Today it became known that failure to pay child support it can determine the type of punishment up to street cleaning.

“Sasha has 70 thousand in debt. On the court, he said that in his care three children’s homes and the charity Fund “Dobro”, that he asked the question, why is he not helping. Sasha replied that he lives with an older daughter that is a lie, because if you go to his apartment, everything is so destroyed, even the bathroom has no… His daughter Nastya lives with her mom through the house from him, studying in the same school that he studied,” – said Elina “StarHit”.
Элина Камирен возмущена доносами Александра Задойнова

Also the former participant of “House-2” can’t understand why her ex-lover is spreading rumors that Kamiren ostensibly prevents his meetings with her daughter Sasha. Now the girl lives with her mother in Moscow. Elina asks former Deputy to announce in advance that he wants to come see the kids, since they may have their own plans.

Элина Камирен возмущена доносами Александра Задойнова“Sasha at the trial told him that I do not give to see the child. I am, of course, very surprised. It’s not true. It’s all horrible… I called him yesterday and asked: “Sasha, what kind of court?” He replied: “alimony”. Nothing more is told… And that before that he would sweep the streets for all I care,” concluded the star of the reality show.

Now Elina is trying to do everything for her daughter to live in prosperity. A young woman worries that will remain the one and recently she keeps a video blog that tells girls where to meet rich men and how to charm. Kamiren gives practical advice and shares his own stories of life. She advises women to give men gifts to show their interest.

“You cannot do it! In any case! No matter what both of you money. Don’t you have the feeling that you are this man buy? Help? Order it from you left and realized how wonderful you were, and even give gifts! When you do that, young man sees in you only your partner and not the girl. It should make you happy with our purchases, which you will admire,” says Cameran.