Elina, Kamiren not afraid to remain without men

Элина Камирен не боится остаться без мужчины Eks-the participant “Houses-2” considers himself self-sufficient person. Elina, Kamiren decided that there will be no one to look for. “I have a family, with Sasha chic attitude” – wrote a businesswoman in the microblog.

      Элина Камирен не боится остаться без мужчины

      Parting is one of the most prominent couples of the reality show “Dom-2” Elina and Alexander, Kamiren Zadoinov, which has, however, left telestroke, hotly debated by fans of the project and Elina and Sasha.

      Elina, Kamiren frequently asked questions on personal life, including and not very pleasant for a woman of her age. The 30-year-old star of “House-2” wondering if she was afraid of breaking off relations with Alexander Zadoinov, no longer meet. I mean, she’s not sixteen, and the baby in her arms.

      Trying to convey to fans their vision on the theme of female loneliness, Elina, Kamiren published in the microblogging extensive post, short meaning of which is that she is not afraid to remain without a man.

      “I even had this not occurred, I did not depend on men, I am self-sufficient. In addition to external data, a huge internal content. And I’m not afraid, I have a family, with Sasha chic attitude. Really, many people are afraid to be alone. No need to search, I’m sure it will come, if it should happen. The man-Savior – kind of dying, if destined, then, to be my love! And needed only one!”, – posted by Elina Kamiren.

      Eks-the participant “Houses-2” also showed that, of failed family life with Alexander Zagajnovym she made several conclusions. “Happiness to you, girls! Good, kind, warm this Babskii happiness! Do not be afraid, do not hold a grudge, not revenge, learn to forgive and love the past, present and future”, concluded Elina, Kamiren, making it clear that a woman although she is young but already quite experienced and comprehended the wisdom.

      It seems that Elina Kamiren mind is already decided and is considering Alexander Zadoinov solely as a father to his daughter, with whom she has managed to maintain a good relationship. “As man and woman we don’t exist – only as friends and parents of a common child, – told ex-the participant “Houses-2” in a recent interview with “StarHit”. – It’s a shame that before Sasha was excited, he wanted to win, did it and lost interest. Back in December of last year, we wanted to sign, but even then it was only for girls”.

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