Elina Kamiren leave the baby for work in Sochi

Элина Камирен оставит ребенка ради работы в Сочи Socialite will become a party to Sochi Fashion Week. For the event Elina Kamiren asked my mother to look in on Sasha. Also in the Spa town businesswoman is going to control the repair that goes into a new apartment.
Элина Камирен оставит ребенка ради работы в Сочи

Very soon, TV presenter, businesswoman and model will appear before fans in a new guise. In mid-October Kamiren fans will see her on the catwalk of the main fashion events in the South of Russia Sochi Fashion Week.

“To take part in the event, I was offered the journalist and TV presenter Alice Shikun, which introduced me to my daughter’s godmother Anna Direchina, says Elina “StarHit”. – I am very grateful that she chose me! First, we discussed this issue in passing, but then crossed again at the birthday party of communication of each of Artyom Sorokin and again can be discussed, taking the final decision.

I gladly agreed – I love beautiful event, plus I love Sochi and at every opportunity I try to go there. I think for me it’s a huge honor to have the opportunity to meet talented designers and to meet your old friends and spend time with them”.

Eline had to work hard to carve out time in my schedule to participate in fashion Week. In order to go to the event, it will have to be separated with her daughter Sasha. The baby’s grandmother agreed to watch my granddaughter to Kamiren shone at this time on the podium.

Elina Kamiren: “the Daughter immediately hugged his father”

“I constantly receive some job offers already lost count – laughing Kamiren. And it’s great, because I don’t like to sit idle. The only thing that upsets me a bit – that will have to leave their daughter Sasha with her grandmother. Take it with you it makes no sense – I’m still going to work all the time and will not be able to spend time with the baby. Of course, I will really miss her, because we rarely leave for more than a couple of days and being separated, really miss each other. On the other hand, the daughter of a very warm relationship with his grandmother, my mother, so, leaving Sasha with her, I do’t feel bad for her – I know that my love is in good hands.

Also businesswoman excited to be able to have time to call. In Sochi, her mother bought an apartment, which is now being renovated. Elina be sure to visit the new housing, to control the process.

“Otherwise, I’m sure the trip will be very pleasant because, among other things, the organizers are paying for my accommodation in luxury apartments, for which I am very grateful. And in between filming I have to have time to stop by the apartment, which mom bought for herself in a house located in a gated community in the center of Olimp Park. See how there is a repair… And yet all my time is devoted to preparing for the trip. A lot of work to settle all current Affairs and to leave with a pure soul” – confessed to Elina.