Элина Камирен объяснила, почему мужчины на нее «клюют» Star telestroke revealed the secrets of seduction of men. According to Elina, she has such qualities which can conquer anyone. Nevertheless, the model argues that with the appearance also must be carefully monitored.

The star of the reality show “Dom-2” Elina Kamiren makes the success in recording video blogs. In a series of clips that she posts on YouTube channel, she gives advice to other women how to find a successful choice, which will delight a girl of pleasant surprises and fulfill her wishes. According to the model, much depends on the fair sex.

Elina Kamiren spoke about “ugly women” of the oligarchs

As explained Elina, men are important to a woman was above all well-groomed and healthy. Moreover, a prospective hunter must clearly understand what it has advantages and positive sides of the character that you ought to demonstrate on a date.

“I can honestly say, I’m charismatic. And I always go. I get attention for his jokes. Some points I learned, made notes of it,” said Kamiren.

According to Elina, the representatives of the stronger sex like girls who look natural. Ex-member of telestroke podeschi urges not to hurry to make plastics, since they may later regret. “Sometimes it’s not paint. When incorrectly done, the lips, the cheekbones, the face becomes unsympathetic,” explained Kamiren.

Subscribers will celebrities who follow the updates on her channel, note that with each release “notes of the hunter” become interesting.

“Elina is the direct yours, you’re a champion”, “Write often”, “keeps getting more interesting”, “You are pleasant to listen to, to watch”, “Thank you so much, Alinochka. Continue in the same spirit,” leave rave reviews from her followers.

We will remind that earlier Kamiren encouraged by many women, noting that men no longer look only at the legs and bust the alleged chosen one.

“Girls, any man next to the right person. You remember, it was the fashion for models? Men without exception married, changing them as gloves. But now young people prefer to choose a reliable partner in the person of his wife. That is, love changing. And when the Foundation of a relationship is friendship and mutual respect is very important. It is much stronger than emotions because they are fleeting and quickly come to an end,” said Elina in the previous release.