Элину Камирен застали в объятиях 22-летнего бодибилдера Eks-the participant “Houses-2” were spotted on a date with a young suitor. Apparently, the relationship of lovers was started recently. According to environment Elina Kamiren, new elect her well, but to acquaint him with my daughter she is in no hurry.

      Элину Камирен застали в объятиях 22-летнего бодибилдера

      The past six months, eks-participants “Houses-2” Elina Kamiren didn’t have time for romance – she was devoted to raising her daughter Sasha. But recently it had to revise your schedule in life, Elina has a new man: last week “StarHit” managed to photograph 31-year-old Cameren during a meeting with 22-year-old athlete and fitness model Sergey Boytsov. The couple dined at the trendy café bar “Broom” on the Arbat. The lovers are not shy about feelings, hugging, kissing and gently holding hands.

      “They met at a social event about a month ago – said “StarHit” Maria, a friend Cameran. – First, just exchanged a few words – nothing special. But a few weeks later fate once again brought them together – this time on fashion Week in Moscow. Just sitting there talking. Sergei was with friends, so really to communicate failed. It turned out that Fighters did not watch the reality show and didn’t know anything about her past. Now they like to be together. Elina tries and daughter time, and with Sergei to meet and to work – she works for a leading channel Russian Musicbox. With the baby to introduce new lover she did not hurry – said it was too early”.
      Элину Камирен застали в объятиях 22-летнего бодибилдера

      Father and daughter Alexander by Zagajnovym Elina broke up six months ago. After in December 2015 Gopala left the project, their life outside the perimeter has not developed – because of household quarrels Zadoinov left his native Yaroslavl, and Elina remained in Moscow. After that, in your personal life Kamiren there was a lull – perhaps Sergei is the one who girl waited so long.

      By the way, ex-boyfriend, Elina only recently returned to Russia after the shooting of the project “Dom-2.The island of love”, where he chose his new companion. She Kamiren learned several months ago that the father of her daughter once again goes on a reality show, was delighted. For a long time, Alexander was not able to help the child, as he was out of work. And the project he was guaranteed a salary, and, therefore, little Sasha – alimony. Elina Kamiren sues Alexander Zadoinov