Elina Kamiren admitted in connection with criminal authority

Элина Камирен призналась в связи с криминальным авторитетом The star of “House-2” continues to teach the girls to hunt for oligarchs. Elina Kamiren shares with subscribers your own experience and knowledge in building relationships with the best dates. The woman is not planning to stay on a few videos, and promises to tell a lot of interesting.

Recently ex-member of the famous electroni decided to diversify activities and began to make their own video blogs, which detail tells a beautiful and lonely how to catch a millionaire. This time the brunette decided to explain to novice hunters, what she invests in the concept of “alligator”. It turned out that the young mother divides men into several categories: athletes, officials and members, the mafia and clever. About each type of Elina tried to disclose as much information as possible, emphasizing that the person knows how to deal with such “characters”.

Elina Kamiren told how to catch a millionaire

“This is, in fact, people who own some resources. It is, as a rule, already wealthy men. Usually, adult men, because in order to have it, even if you had inherited, you should be able to manage it. For this you need experience – sorry, but not this way. This, of course, very smart people. If they allow you, as you think them to dissolve in the mire, believe me, they allow you to do so,” says Cameran.

In athletes, the woman sees one main advantage: they are always at practice and training camp. According to the model, it does not give them the opportunity to change girlfriends like gloves. They need to be home waiting for them one.

Free officials, according to Elina, is also quite a bit. Most often it is either married people, or those who have recently divorced. In any case, to meet such men, the star of “House-2” advises using a mailing resume for the position of assistant Deputy.

“You can come to various events. I know these events from the city. Bound to be some officials, something else. Of course, through them, little by little you will be able to get to those who travel on divided strip, with lots of flashing lights, security and so on. But here the issues are quite serious. No pop and the announcement of your relationship”.

Clever Kamiren offers to find the open day at SKOLKOVO. She said that the creators of the unique devices, software patents are a genius there. Such people have very low requirements for life partner: they need to be loved. But looks like the girl how much she earns and how to get involved – it does not matter.

And if these paragraphs are all more or less clear, with the category of “mafia” viewers had many questions. As it turned out, behind Elina even had the experience of communication with representatives of this type. She says that the criminal authorities are not left in the nineties, and still continue to exist, without advertising activities.

“He can call you in the night and in the morning. It may disappear altogether for a few months. And you can’t know he’s alive or not alive. In his time in the city of Tyumen, as probably in other regions, the provincial, of course, this all was. It’s all there, they just slightly altered, but they all exist. One time I got in trouble… but you go to the forest! I want to live! And it’s so scary, because I hear shots, I hear showdown, as machines come and go, some kind of mess starts, and I can’t do anything. And I’m scared. This story is dangerous enough,” admitted Elina Kamiren.