Elina, Kamiren about the breakup with her fiance: “All is not, as many think”

Элина Камирен о расставании с женихом: «Все не так, как многие думают» Fans began to suspect that former members of “House-2” broke off relations. The reason for this was the lack of joint ops. Elina, Kamiren told about the situation with Alexander Zadoinov.

      Элина Камирен о расставании с женихом: «Все не так, как многие думают»

      Not so long ago, fans of colorful contestants of reality show “Dom-2” Elina, Kamiren suspect it is that she broke up with the father of her daughter, Alexander Zadoinov. Fans of the TV project took up a whole investigation to clarify whether the rumours have any foundations. “StarHit” has decided to dispel the doubts of loyal viewers of the reality show “Dom-2” and turned to Elina for clarification.

      “All is not, as many think, says Elina “StarHit”. – No one except me and Sasha, don’t know what actually is happening. The mother did not even aware of all the details. The whole day ends the phone – call started out with six in the morning, they say, tell them you broke up or not, with whom my daughter lives, and why few joint photos? I have nothing to comment on now is not ready. I think very soon all will understand the conspiracies on this subject, will tell you that we have now and why. Really want to all once knew: the only one I’ll comment on this topic, would be “StarHit”.

      Recall that the reason for thinking about a possible separation of Kamiren and Zadoinov was that on the page in social networks Elina practically ceased to appear their joint photos. Moreover, Cameren was surprised that her fiance sometimes appears in “the House-2”, but her says nothing. In addition, according to Elina, Alexander announced to her that he was tired from the constant attention of the public.

      I must say that Elina and Alexander, Kamiren Zadoinov a surge of sensation, and then the decrease of relations is not a new thing. At the end of last year, the pair was on the verge of breaking up due to financial problems. Kamiren accused Alexander that he wasn’t making enough money to provide a decent life for her and their little daughter. In response to claims Alexander would just leave Selena alone, and he went to have fun with friends.

      By the way, Kamiren and Zadoinov announced the wedding. But the promised celebration still took place. Lovers enthusiastically began preparations for an important day. Elina began to choose dresses and even stopped at one of the designer outfits. But suddenly, to everyone who has already anticipated the happiest day of their lives, the bride and groom decided to postpone the event. The reason was the infamous financial question. The desire to marry at the highest level were forced to postpone the wedding to save up enough money. This is despite the fact that Elina and Alexander diligently developed its own business – travel Agency.

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