Elina Bystritskaya hospitalized with burns

Элина Быстрицкая госпитализирована с ожогом The legendary actress was taken to the Botkin hospital. Today Elina Bystritskaya turned to the ambulance twice. The second time the doctors decided to send an 89-year-old woman to the hospital.
Элина Быстрицкая госпитализирована с ожогом

Today, the famous theater and film actress Elina Bystritskaya twice appealed to the ambulance. The first time she called physicians because of the pulling pain in his chest. Elina Avraamovna did not hesitate and urgently asked for help from the experts.

Paramedics diagnosed that such symptoms are associated with atherosclerotic heart disease. They recommended to continue to take the medicine and assured that hospitalization is not required.

But then Bystritskaya again called the doctors. People’s artist of the USSR complained of a burning sensation in the eye. As it turned out, the 89-year-old actress were carelessly handled medicines. Experts took the decision to admit her to the Botkin hospital with a diagnosis of chemical burn.

Элина Быстрицкая госпитализирована с ожогом

For 30 years, Elina Bystritskaya lives alone. In 1987, she filed for divorce with husband Nikolay Kuzminsky. After that the legendary actress did not get married. The couple never had children.

Elina Bystritskaya has admitted that he is very loved wife. She met him on the set of “the Quiet don”. Employee of the Ministry of foreign trade introduced by the mutual friend. She lived with Nikolai Ivanovich 27 years. She liked that they have common interests – they went to theatres, exhibitions and discuss what they saw. However, the artist was the initiator of the divorce. She doesn’t like to talk about his personal life and the causes of discord in the family.

Despite the fact that Bystritskaya no husband and children, she’s not upset. The actress is glad that with her are relatives and close friends who will always come to the rescue. Today, when the Elina Bystritskaya became ill, it was friends had insisted that she called the ambulance. As it became known edition of “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, the legendary actress went to doctors for the first time about four o’clock in the evening, and the second call came at five.