Одиннадцать песен Софьи Бугеры

In album, the young singer Sophia Buggery “burn” contains 11 songs. They were all written at different times, at different ages, and of course in different moods. However, it is said that the author of each song as a child. Even if, in the opinion of the parents is not very good, but still a favorite.
Yes, that’s right. With each song is related some story, some kind of milestone in my life. Some tunes came up on the run. Some had great difficulty. To be honest, and I love them all in different ways. For example, “Road to the sun” or for me, the familiar “Butterfly” is very crucial. With her I believed in myself. I realized that I could write. Understand that it is someone likes. I remember singing it in Ufa in a famous restaurant. And as he listened to the crying one “very adult uncle.” I wrote it in 14 years. Song loved my aunt Lena. And on my fifteenth birthday she gave me a gift – a professional recording of my first songs in a real Studio. Then I played the guitar. By the way, this is the first song that I liked Alex Morkovnikova. Since it began our collaboration. says Sophia Bugera.
But the song “Signals” I probably like it least of all. She’s one of the first. In the album it is very different from the original version. The pace became faster and the melody in the chorus easier. Came up with this Alex Markovnikov. And now she is constantly “sticking” in people. The text I never really liked. A real pop. And this is the only song in the repertoire about love.
Is all, so to speak, for children, or rather youth songs. And some of them can be considered the first professional?
Well, it is, perhaps, “I am not loved”. The song that everyone likes, except me. Too simple and babyish. I played it in St. Petersburg in the entrance exams to College. I’m not taking two years in a row. Said there was no voice, no charisma. In General, all hopeless! Spat and went to Moscow to enroll. In the capital made the first arrangement. In Ufa video shot, very nice. Then Sofia Bouguer began to compare with Alsu. However, I don’t particularly like them. However, it all started, and it will be in the album in a new arrangement, I hope, not the last. Would like the memory of my first professional experience.
In the album there are several songs are very lyrical properties. They are also related to some stages of the history of your life?
— Yes, of course. It is very uncharacteristic for me, the song is “Track”. Wrote it when I moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow. All good, happy, memorable that happened to me there is in it. A farewell to the beloved city, the desire to go forward, not looking back. A friend of mine jokingly called this song “Disneevskih”. It is, in fact, would be a good soundtrack to any movie.
“On the roofs” — written in the car of the Moscow metro. Well remember running from the bus stop home, to the synthesizer, not to forget the melody. It was the first “Moscow” song. The gist of it is that we should not look to the past, because it did not return. Should make plans to strive to conquer the peaks, to fly to its goal.
— Sophia, who is still of your children, I mean your songs are the right ones, favorite?
Their album several. Let’s start with the song “the wolf and the Wolf”. There she is, in every sense of the word, spontaneously. Once I arrived in Ufa. Ran briefly to Alexei. He gave up the poem by Ksenia Yakovenko, he divided it into verses and choruses, included minus the headphones and said, “Sing!”. We all came up with literally on the move. Version of the song turned out cool. In the album, the arrangement is completely different, but we sing it still with Alex. I am very pleased. After all, he is the author of the idea. This is one of my favorite songs.
Second in my personal hit parade “Enough to shoot.” It is absolutely not about politics. It is a cry, a call to remember that we are all brothers and sisters. It does not matter what a person’s skin color, nationality, gender, religion. We are all human beings who want a peaceful quiet life.
Favorite “burn”. I wrote it for my mom who sings the songs, the songs of the past years. Her contralto is such that it is necessary for the performance of this song. And a special sense of how to sing. I think I can’t do that. Still, “burn” is very complex. I think she’s from somewhere in the depths. As the cry break out. I often don’t believe that it’s my song. The execution is perfect. In every word, in every note myself. “Burn” — my prayer, which makes me to believe in myself again and again. Soon the album will be available on electronic platforms sale in “Itunes” and “Google market”.
In support of the album-planned tour of Russia. Soon to be revised website of Sophia of Buggery www.bugera.rocks where you can learn more about the work and news of the project. The next concerts will be held in June, the capital club “Sunflowers”, in the cult of the Moscow bike center of “Night Wolves”. In addition scheduled a dozen performances.