Муж Елены Кулецкой нянчится с ребенком The model is happy that her husband helps her with the baby. Elena Kuletskaya first became a mother on may 15. One of the most beautiful women is enjoying motherhood and I’m glad the chosen one has fully taken responsibility for some issues.

      Муж Елены Кулецкой нянчится с ребенком

      In mid-may, Elena Kuletskaya first experienced the joy of motherhood. Famous model gave his wife the daughter of nick. But with joy the birth of the firstborn came the sleepless nights and constant care of the baby. However, one of the most beautiful women in the country is not discouraged – after all, helping her husband Stanislav Romanovsky.

      “Dad! The roles were distributed by default. Mother is a care, AGU, bye, diapers, night. Dad in charge of finances, equips future nest (repair not far off), flying around the apartment trains the Nickname of the astronaut, and the most important role – acts as the attendant in the evenings. A simple soak in the bath is not limited. Splashing, swimming, diving and the flood. Get out so that after nick cuts off at times” – shared Kuletskaya with his fans on the social network.

      Also the young mother asked the readers of its microblog, which also educate children. Elena asked, what are the obligations to perform to the heirs of their husbands. Followers gladly shared with the star of their personal stories.

      “We are all the same. Good repair jacks dad finished. Now did the designer, “we swayed, as my back does not stand up and hygiene in the day, as mom is hard, and everything else on the mother, “And we have no Pope, we have a mother in charge of everything: food, bathing, cleaning, finances, repairs,” wrote kuletskoy fans.

      Elena told me that she was hoping to go without anesthesia during childbirth. But since the whole process lasted about 12 hours, kolecka decided to ease the pain. Soon, however, the effect of the drug is over. Spouse model was present at the birth of his heir and tried to support his wife in such a crucial moment.

      “Our baby turned out great, but the doctor did everything to give us to appear on their own. Clearly explained how to proceed. I really wanted no cuts. The result – even without breaks, not counting the severed hands from my persistent husband Stanislav Romanovsky, who cheered me on as I could,” said Kuletskaya after childbirth.

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