Elena Zakharova told about the state of newborn daughter

Елена Захарова рассказала о состоянии новорожденной дочери The actress plans to stay permanently in the decree. Elena Zakharova wants most of the time with the baby. This young woman does not want to tell the fans height and weight, trying to keep her from too much attention.

8 Dec 2017 Elena Zakharova for the second time became a mother. The actress gave birth to a girl, what hastened to tell the fans. Fans of the stars were thrilled with the news, because they knew how many tests I had to pass the star to finally find family happiness.

Elena Zakharova became a mother

Now a young woman told of appetite and appearance of a newborn daughter. According to Zakharova, while she did not understand who looks like a girl, but the child feels well and happy an appetite.

“I’m not sure who she looks more like, his traits in her appearance are not yet caught. But the spirited girl, immediately screamed. And eats well: from the mother’s breast just to look at.” – shared joy Elena.

However, the actress refused to tell fans the height and weight of the child, explaining the superstition. Zakharova admits that after the death of the firstborn, she decided by all means to protect her daughter. Recall that in February 2011, Zakharova gave birth to a girl called Anne-Marie. However, eight months later, the baby died because of acute viral infection.

A family tragedy was a big blow for Elena. After the death of his daughter, the actress has separated from her husband and became less likely to appear at social events. From depression Zakharov was saved by faith. In an interview, she repeatedly recognized that only God helped her to come back to life.

Now the young woman prefers not to extend about private life. She does not advertise a new relationship, and so even fans of the actress don’t know who is the father of her child. Her pregnancy Elena hid in all possible ways until the last months.

Now Zakharov wants to devote all the free time daughter. She admitted that they haven’t yet invented a name for the heiress, but has a list of multiple selected options.

“From the decree, as is now fashionable among celebrities, go immediately to plan. On the contrary, most want a long time to enjoy this special condition. I still have work to do. Here she is lying next to me in the ward, and attracts all the attention,” said Elena.

Dealing with “Antenna Telesem” the actress pointed out that childbirth took place easily, without any complications. Zakharova still accepts congratulations from colleagues and friends. She hurried to thank everyone who prayed for her and rejoiced.