Elena Zakharova told about the peculiarities of newborn daughter

Елена Захарова рассказала об особенностях новорожденной дочки
The star mom shared the details of the first days of life baby.

Elena Zakharova

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In the life of Elena Zakharova had a big miracle actress has become a mother. Shortly after birth, the young mother shared the first details of the joyous event. Elena admitted she was very superstitious, and therefore such details as, for example, height and weight of the baby, uncover the fans will not. The only thing she can say my daughter was born with a good “vocal” and a good appetite.

By the way, how to give a girl the name Elena is not yet decided. This issue will be resolved soon by the family Council. Of course, some options Zakharova was “drafted” during pregnancy, but the choice of name — very important moment, so hurry with this actress will not. As, however, and the rush to exit from maternity leave.

The actress has already promised that will not give in fashion and will not leave the child for a job in the coming months. Elena dreams for as long as possible to be on leave to care for a child.

“From the decree, as it is now fashionable for celebrities, just to go out not planning: on the contrary, planning as long as possible to enjoy this special condition. I still have things to do — here she is next to me lies in the house. I’m not sure who she looks more like, his traits it is still not caught. But the girl brisk: cried immediately. And eats well from his tear!” quotes Elena “Antenna”.