Elena Zakharova showed the interior of the room of his newborn daughter

Елена Захарова показала интерьер комнаты новорожденной дочери
The actress has arranged.

Photo: Instagram

The end of 2017 was for Elena Zakharova troublesome and very pleasant. In early December, the actress became a mother. That star gave birth to long-awaited daughter, the public learned immediately. Zakharova herself told fans when she was discharged from the hospital and together with the baby came home.

Out of superstition, the actress did not tell the height and weight of the newborn, she also did not name, and the name of my daughter. The first week Helen “watched” the girl and “tried on” apply. The laws of the Russian Federation parents are obliged to register and to register the child in any housing within one month after birth, so the name is already selected. Fans of the actress hope that soon she will tell how she called baby.

What would be the closed life was of man, and Elena at a certain point in his life does not like to dwell on personal topics, it is still about the joys of motherhood I want to shout to the whole world. So, Zakharova has already shared the fact that my daughter was born with a good “vocal” and a good appetite. And the actress finally finished the arrangement of the nursery for your little Princess.

The interior is made in bright colors. During the first month of the life of the girl child haven’t “clutter” of toys, so there’s a lot of space, space and “air” as they say the designers. Elena did not set the “color accents” in the form of pink accessories, or the drawings on the walls. She chose to furnish the room with furniture in bright colors. The cradle in which the baby will sleep the next six months, finished with the finest satin and embellished with bows and ruffles.

By the way, in the photo you can see that Elena hadn’t come in shape after childbirth. The actress told that it was not going to withdraw from the decree in the near future, so it has no goal at all costs in record time to freshen up. All the time!