Elena Zakharova revealed their plans for the future

Елена Захарова раскрыла свои планы на будущее
Popular actress Elena Zakharova refers to those celebrities who do not like to talk about his personal life.

Елена Захарова раскрыла свои планы на будущее

On the same day the actress decided to make an exception and shared with his fans plans for the future. Now Elena is waiting for the unborn child that is going to happen very soon.

Елена Захарова раскрыла свои планы на будущее

“In the near future I definitely see myself as a mother and wife. Love to cook, I’m a family man. Another question that can’t always have it when we wanted. I believe that you can be insanely successful actor, but if you come to an empty house where nobody meets, is a tragedy. I do not want to. I’m determined to family life. I think that the profession I have, and I really love her, work me, fills, saves. But love and family has not been canceled,” — said Zakharov.

It is worth noting that Elena has long concealed his interesting position, but now distinctly rounded belly impossible to hide under bulky clothes.

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