Елена Захарова, на днях ставшая мамой, снова вышла в свет The actress appeared at the festival in honor of the end of the film. Elena Zakharova decided to leave a newborn baby in order to attend the event. Earlier, the actress said that it’s not going to quickly return to work, what is important to her as long as possible to enjoy motherhood.
Елена Захарова, на днях ставшая мамой, снова вышла в свет

8 December it became known that the 42-year-old actress Elena Zakharova became a mother. She had a girl. Only after the appearance of the baby into the light she began to speak to reporters on this subject – in fact throughout pregnancy, the actress chose to remain silent and did not comment on the future of motherhood.

After just a couple of weeks after discharge from the hospital Elena appeared at a social event. Zakharova could not miss the occasion to mark the end of a film of Director Alexey Petrukhin “the Teacher-2”, where the actress plays a role along with him Merzlikina and Irina Alferova.

For the publication of Elena chose a dress in dark blue with a floral print. The actress is happy to be photographed with colleagues at the memory.

Елена Захарова, на днях ставшая мамой, снова вышла в свет

Now Zakharov enjoys motherhood after a couple of days after the birth she told me that the girl is already growing very brisk. According to her, the newborn child has a good appetite, but until she realized whose face had adopted a baby. Elena has not informed what name was chosen for the child, and omitted the height and weight.

The actress confessed that does not hurry to return from maternity leave and immediately return to the profession, as is the case with many celebrities. Elena plans as long as possible to be with baby and take care of her. Fans can only guess about who the father of the child – artist is trying to carefully hide her personal life from prying eyes.

The fact that six years ago life Zakharova the tragedy occurred. The long-awaited daughter Anna-Maria died when she was only eight months. The girl caught an acute viral infection that the body could not overcome. This test was fatal and in relations with partner, businessman Sergey Mamontov. According to the actress, the beloved asked her to move, and his mother felt that Elena self-fulfilling prophecy, telling of his happiness to journalists. Trials in the life of Elena Zakharova: a bad breakup and the loss of a child