Elena Zakharova has struck the public with the Frank dress

Елена Захарова сразила публику откровенным платьем Actress of theatre and cinema showed a graceful shape in luxurious attire. 41-year-old star of the TV series shared a photo where she poses in a gorgeous dress with an open back.

Popular movie and theatre actress Elena Zakharova often pleases fans of photos in luxurious dresses and bodycon dresses. A celebrity not only not ashamed, rather proud of his body. However, she had nothing to hide or be ashamed of – 41-year-old actress is in great physical shape.

Recently, the actress has published a photo from shooting of a new film, when Elena is back in a gorgeous dress. The dress have the perfect shape women and adds even more finesse to her fragile figure. Followers celebrities came to the delight from the graceful image of the pet.

“Elena, you are so sophisticated and beautiful woman. And plus to all – an insanely talented actress, such a little. Thank you for your creativity! Admire you ever since the TV series “Kadetstvo!”, “Lena, I love you! The talent and the luxury you get along perfectly! Be happy, loved and continue to delight us with your radiance!”, “Lena, you are awesome”, “Elena, you are brighter than any of the brightest star in the whole galaxy!”, “Helen if nature created a perfect shape ever, it was yours! You are beautiful,” enthused subscribers stars.

Elena Zakharova, known for such series as “kadetstvo”, “still I love”, “Love in a million”, and also to participate in the show “dancing with the stars” and “Stars on ice” in shape and trying to eat right. According to the artist, regular exercise help her stay slim and toned. Celebrity diet does not accept, she believes that everyone should have individual power system, developed based on many factors — heredity, metabolism, lifestyle.

Artist take good care of the face: every morning for the past 20 years, she is wiping the skin with ice from the decoction of chamomile and other herbs. Elena always finds time for sports even with the hard schedule and have long been engaged in aerobics and in the gym.