Elena Zakharova dubbed three-month-old daughter

Елена Захарова окрестила трехмесячную дочку
The actress chose for the ceremony a special day.

Photo: @Instagram lenazaharova57 Elena Zakharova

Almost four months in the life of Elena Zakharova, a miracle happened. The actress became a mother a wonderful little girl, whose name is yet kept secret. But it became known that yesterday in the Metropolitan Cathedral, the ceremony of baptism of a daughter Helena.

Zakharova chose for this event a special day. The actress said that waited for the ordinances of the onset of palm Sunday (the feast of the Lord’s Entry into Jerusalem). In his microblog Elena placed a photo from the christening and shared details of the ceremony: “Congratulations to all on palm Sunday! God’s Help and Grace! And we have today was the baptism of my daughter! I wanted to do it today, thank God, everything went well! Thank God for everything!” Elena still does not reveal the name of the baby, and, moreover, does not show the Network her photo.

Such caution is understandable. A few years ago, Zakharova survived the tragedy: she lost her eight-month-old daughter Anna-Maria. Subsequently, the actress has decided to close his personal life from outsiders. The actress does not advertise any details of the affair with the father of three-month girl. Shortly before the birth of Elena announced that in the near future get married. Press about this event, apparently, will be known after the ceremony.