Elena Zakharova daughter leaves for secular parties

Елена Захарова оставляет дочь ради светских вечеринок The actress spoke about what a growing baby. According to Elena Zakharova, the girl is very bored when mom’s not around. The star is not yet taken for new film projects, devoting their time to the child.
Елена Захарова оставляет дочь ради светских вечеринок

Four months ago, Elena Zakharova became a mother. She was born a long-awaited daughter. Now the actress is completely focused on the child’s upbringing, but this does not prevent her to work and attend social events. Zakharova quickly regained slender figure posle birth. According to Elena, the secret is simple: she sometimes forgets to eat.

“I still feed the baby breast milk, so, apparently, lost. Today, for example, I only had Breakfast, it’s evening here I think, where what to eat because I’m hungry is impossible,” Zakharov admitted.

The star admits that her daughter changed her life. Now she increasingly want to be near the baby, but she plans to resume filming this summer.

“As for little, she is feeling well, bored, perhaps, when I go to some social events. I used some of the failures took closer to the heart. Now the most important thing is, of course, daughter! Everything pales in comparison to her smile,” said Elena.

At the moment, Zakharova is in a very creative project. She works with the choir of the Sretensky monastery. “They sing, I read poetry. It’s very interesting. In the new film I have not yet shot because I was with the baby, waiting for some interesting offers for the summer. In may I will tour and then maybe go to the Crimea”, – said Elena in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

Recall that Zakharov was told that literally begged the child. Faith helped her to hope. The first daughter actress died of illness a few years ago. “They’re happy tears… don’t cry. In the early days, when there was a second daughter, I could not believe that a miracle happened to me. I’ve been to this was, said to his Confessor: “Pray for me”. When it became known the date of her birth, I knew that I’ll be fine. On the eve went to Church, received communion. I’m so happy today, all the time, every night I thank God,” said the star in one of TV programs.