Elena Zakharova came out with markedly rounded belly

Елена Захарова вышла в свет с заметно округлившимся животом Fans are sure that the woman is at a decent time. Zakharova Elena herself has not commented on the rumors that will soon become a mother. Recently, the star visited the concert with the Love Tolkalina. Viewers saw markedly rounded belly actress.
Елена Захарова вышла в свет с заметно округлившимся животом

Rumors that the star of the TV series “kadetstvo”, “still I love” and “Love in a million” Elena Zakharova is in an interesting position, being discussed here for several months. The actress prefers to refrain from making any comments about it. However, the changes in the figure of Helen, as journalists say, speak for themselves. Recently, Zakharova took part in a concert held in the theatre under the leadership of Alexander Gradsky. When a celebrity came on the scene in a blue knee-length dress, the audience could see her visibly rounded belly.

According to fans of Elena, she is at a decent time and soon will become a mother. It is assumed that the long-awaited event in the life of a star can happen in two months. However, Zakharov continues to appear in public, however, prefers to hide the stomach when posing for photographers. So, on one of the pictures taken at the concert in the theatre gradsko, Elena is depicted with a bouquet of flowers and a paper bag. On another photo of the actress standing next to a musical instrument.

For the first time the rumors that Zakharova will become a mother appeared in the press in mid-summer. Then the actress came out in an outfit that hides the waist. Many fans of Elena suspected that she is preparing for baby’s arrival, however, she preferred to remain silent. Later Zakharov fueled speculation about an interesting position. Users of social networks noticed that Elena carefully hides the belly to avoid unnecessary questioning.

Recall that in February 2011, Elena Zakharova gave birth to Anna-Maria. The father of the child became the civil husband of actress, businessman Sergey Mamontov. Then the star did not hide her pregnancy and said that long dreamed about the girl. From Elena seemed very happy. However, in October a tragedy occurred that forever changed the life of the artist. Anna Maria died from meningococcal disease. Zakharova was beside herself with grief. To forget about the sad event, she went to work and was stopped at the light.

A few years later for the first time, Elena found the strength to talk about her daughter’s death. In the program “Alone with all”, the actress admitted that she was saved by faith.

Elena Zakharova told how to cope with the death of eight-month-old daughter

“I went to Church, prayed, I took communion I went to confession. It gave me strength. I don’t even know if I have depression. I don’t remember. But I know it is a sin. The Lord gives the test person. He does not give more than a person can withstand, as if it’s scary sounds. It is very scary what I went through. I don’t wish it on anyone, God forbid,” – said the star.

Shortly after the sad events Zakharov broke up with Redwood. The actress claimed that the man left her without explanation. According to rumors, the new elect Elena was the entrepreneur who invests in securities and construction business, according to “Express newspaper”.