Елена Захарова вышла из декрета
The actress returned to the theatre two months after the birth of her daughter.

Elena Zakharova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Elena Zakharova two months after the birth of her daughter
came from a maternity leave, returning to work in the theater. “Come on the scene — reported
actress before the show in front of the subscribers of the personal microblog. — The Play “The Night
tender”. How many emotions! Missed the theater. One of my first roles
Rosemary Hoyt, played for 22 years”.

While the artist is not at home, for her caring mom
Elena: Zakharova admitted that trusts long-awaited child, only to her. “Trust
only she, as the mother is my most trusted man. No nannies, I am against them”
— said the actress. According to Elena, her baby — girl with character. “Daughter
active and very demanding. She often smiles — almost from the
birth. The name we keep in secret, but soon it will be known immediately
after the christening. We’ll have them when it gets warmer. It is still very cold.”

By the way, recently it became known that the star could soon
to marry. She received a proposal of marriage from her beloved,
which hides. “Right next to me and generous man. And, I can say it
the quality of character of financial wealth is not affected,” shared the star.
This news, the actress shared with the YouTube Koschevnikovi came to live it
the program “Destiny of man”. “I made an offer hands and hearts, but I still
think,” answered the question Zakharova.