Elena Zakharova begged for a second child after tragedy

Елена Захарова вымолила второго ребенка после трагедии Actress of theatre and cinema decided to have a Frank conversation with journalists. Elena Zakharova told about what helped her to get out of depression after the death of 8-month-old daughter and not to lose faith in a miracle. Now the star is busy picking godparents for baby girl that was born more than a month ago.
Елена Захарова вымолила второго ребенка после трагедии

42-year-old star of TV series “kadetstvo” and “Love in a million” Elena Zakharova, who became a mother in December last year, gave a Frank interview to journalists. The actress spoke about her charming daughter and admitted that helped her not to despair after the tragic events that changed his life. In 2011, the 8-month-old heir to the stars Anne-Marie died from an acute viral infection and then the artist left the civil husband.

Elena admitted that she helped faith in God. The actress also maintained close people. They believed that women it will all work out. Zakharov said that begged the second daughter.

“I talked a lot that you have to be. Everything. And I believed. But still it’s just not happening. You know how sometimes people go to the temple, but they are not given for some reason, and they stop asking. They think, perhaps, that they do not hear or something. But I prayed and asked. I understood that now is not given to me – so it is not the time. I tried to convince myself that everything will be”, – said the actress to journalists.

According to Elena, in a difficult period of life often need to take communion. “This is a very supportive person,” says the artist. When the star was in Jerusalem, she met with father Isidore. He also studied at the acting faculty of the Shchukin school. Elena and the priest introduced the lecturer.

“It’s how we were made. We’ve traveled there, bathed in the Jordan, and this was the most difficult period in my life. Me this trip raised”, – says celebrity.

Zakharova noted that returned from the journey in a completely different mood. The actress feel enlightened and full of hope. That period of my life Elena will never forget. “I really wanted such a strong spiritual support”, – shared the artist. According to Zakharova, has been saved.

Currently, Elena is the most important child. The actress admitted that he had asked God for marital happiness, but in life there are different situations. The star said that to register a marriage in 50 years, and give birth to a child at this age is much more difficult. Zakharov tries to give the baby all my free time. Elena offered to go on tour to Bombay, but at the last moment she refused to travel.

“I can’t live from her [daughter] off, nor her to shake. While here I have enough home mode. Shooting is a little easier, because she can always be there with me on the court: with mommy in a trailer,” said the actress.

Now Zakharov chooses godparents for daughter. “It is important that the person was a believer and that he knew how to pray really,” quoted Zakharov “Constantinople”.