Elena Yasevich: “Buzova still alone, and the family Samburski unraveling”

Елена Ясевич: «Бузова по-прежнему одинока, а семья Самбурской разваливается на глазах» The psychic said “StarHit”, all that waiting in the beginning of 2018. Elena greeted the New year with family. “Celebrated at home with her daughter, husband and our Golden Retriever named Shura – shared Yasevich. – It’s the year of the Dog, and that means it’s time to appease four-legged friends.”
Елена Ясевич: «Бузова по-прежнему одинока, а семья Самбурской разваливается на глазах»

Children: wait artists and economists

In early February, I myself become a mother for the second time. This time of transition from the year of the Fire Rooster to quiet an earth Dog. Born in this period the babies will grow into creativity, but with a set of mundane qualities. In the future, they can choose a profession as artist and economist. The January kids will differ in sociability and activity. They use a creative activity. Young wife 87-year-old Ivan Krasko, Natalya, for obvious reasons, are not destined to give birth in the marriage. Nastya Kamenskih, which is constantly attributed to pregnancy, also will become a mother soon. The fate of her long and difficult conception or IVF.

Елена Ясевич: «Бузова по-прежнему одинока, а семья Самбурской разваливается на глазах»

Policy: tune in to the world

I see that Putin will win the elections. He was born in the year of the Dog, he’s lucky. And here Xenia Sobchak will fail.

The situation with North Korea, which is experiencing a nuclear weapon, will remain at the same level. Of the war, which constantly shouts trump, will not!

Despite the fact that the IOC suspended the national team from participating in the Olympic games in South Korea in February 2018, part athletes still perform under a neutral flag. The competition will be held successfully.

Елена Ясевич: «Бузова по-прежнему одинока, а семья Самбурской разваливается на глазах»

Relax: take a bath

Winter will be unstable then a lot of snow, then a thaw. If you don’t see it as landslides, avalanches and other natural disasters. Boldly take to the mountains. Advise travelers to choose destinations with a similar climate. Residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg it is not necessary to fly to Dubai and the Maldives. These places are more suitable to the inhabitants of Astrakhan and other warmer regions. Remaining in Russia suggest spending a lot of time with your favorite people, hang out, and be sure to go to the bath.

Елена Ясевич: «Бузова по-прежнему одинока, а семья Самбурской разваливается на глазах»

Health: checked by oncologist

In the beginning of 2018 outbreaks occur cancer. If you encounter any problems with health are advised to immediately run to the doctor. State of Nikolay Karachentsov is stable, but, alas, it is not possible to heal from lung cancer. But recently almost lost the hearing was canceled as a result of the winter performances. She will recover only if we revise the Outlook on life. No need to grasp at everything: made a couple of times – have a rest, tell time to the family. But Dana Borisova on the mend. Now the presenter wants to celebrate New year with my daughter Paulina, but that’s not gonna happen. You need at least another ten months to get up off his knees and fix the result. All this time she will be engaged in the rehabilitation center: Borisova need these people, and they her. Otherwise, Dana will be back to your old habits.

Елена Ясевич: «Бузова по-прежнему одинока, а семья Самбурской разваливается на глазах»

Relations: “sniff”

A sudden divorce, a strange marriage, a public showdown will remain in the past year, the beginning of 2018 will become calm. This winter is a great time for Dating. But don’t expect relations to the rapid development of first marriage. In the beginning of the year all Dogs will be “sniffing” to each other and weigh the decision. From long married couples everything is calm and harmonious. But those who divorced in 2017, will not agree. This is, for example, with Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and his ex-wife. Vitalina, as planned, will go abroad and after some time will become a mother. Armen Borisovich comfortable in their new surroundings.

Doomed can call the Union Kirill Gicevich and Nastasya Samburski. She would get bored with a family and a devoted husband. A successful actress, but dominance can bring a spouse to insane acts or alcoholism.

On the character should work and the former participant “Houses-2” Andrey Chuev, who recently married a young sweetheart Victoria. The couple will not be smooth. In private life men things will get better when he stops yelling and cursing. It will happen in 15 years.

Olga Buzova this winter you will not meet your man. Different projects singer covers alone. While it is not implemented on the stage, in his personal life is a mess. After the divorce was given to Ola over for development. Only Buzova need to do is not singing, and the youth – for example, to open a production center for young talents. The status of a free woman she will remain until approximately 38 years.

Елена Ясевич: «Бузова по-прежнему одинока, а семья Самбурской разваливается на глазах»

Finance: feel free to take a mortgage

Winter – a good time for deals, mortgages, opening business. Only it is not necessary to engage in these transactions on 4 and 6 January. The family of Jeanne Friske, embroiled in a scandal of the missing millions, I advise you not to lose heart. They will not be able to change the course of events and history with Rusfond will remain dark. The money will not find. Vladimir Friske forget about pride and start dealing with the dad of Plato. Otherwise it will be too late.

Some ridiculed that Ksenia Borodina sells Chinese goods. However, in this business TV will be a success, while not fancies himself an entrepreneur – she has other priorities. Advertising, clothing stores, etc. – only way of earning money to feed the children. Kurban Omarov is the ideal partner and husband to TV presenter, who and what was said. She had found her.